Tribal Goddess - Peacock Feather Crown

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Our stunning new 'Tribal Goddess' Collection featuring our first peacock feathers!  A beautiful full crown feather headdress with an array of peacock feathers, bright pink & light blue show feathers, pink & turquoise long feathers & turquoise small accent feathers.  Shocking pink embossed leather headband, lilac yarn, fawn faux fur finished with matching side feathers.  Totally handmade.

Size: 22 inch, with elastic back.  

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I design these headdresses myself, please do not be fooled by cheaper imitations. I take great pride in producing the best quality & my own designs. I also photograph my shoots myself. I do not mass produce. These are Paradise Gypsies exclusives. Copyright 2015 Paradise Gypsies. All Rights Reserved. This work is registered with UK Copyright Service. Reg No 284665240