LONG Feather Headdress On Soft White Leather Black Feather

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Created in hand chosen feathers & leather, totally handmade by Paradise Gypsies - Medium long length soft white leather full headdress, with white faux fur. Dark beautiful natural black feathers full headpiece with second layer of accent small natural brown/ white feathers, our exclusive metallic gold scroll work with red yarn & our traditional brown bead front. Metallic side beading with fur & black feathers too.

Perfect for festivals and a superstar piece for any event!

Size: Womens, Mens, Kids

♡ Please allow 2 weeks for making.  WORLDWIDE SHIPPING 5-10 days or DHL 2-3 days option through checkout 

I design these headdresses myself, please do not be fooled by cheaper imitations. I take great pride in producing the best quality. I also photograph my shoots myself. I do not mass produce. These are Paradise Gypsies exclusives. Copyright 2018 Paradise Gypsies. All Rights Reserved. This work is registered with UK Copyright Service. Reg No 284665240

Please contact me to create a custom order, all crazy ideas welcome!!!